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Core Features

DMQ Fusion Demo

DMQ Fusion

The DMQ Fusion houses the most comprehensive Darts Scoring System in an elegant and simple design, its large screen display and keypad make using highly intuitive and is equally at home in a League setting or as an excellent accessory for the Darts Enthusiast. This machine features a “Player vs Computer” Mode whereby you can play against an Intelligent Virtual Opponent whose Average can be precisely controlled from 30-99, as your game improves you can simply adjust this Average to ensure you’re always been challenged. Other key features are the “Suggested Checkout”, which shows a recommended checkout whenever a finish is possible as well as a series of “Stats” which are shown in real-time as you play, so there’s no need to wait till the end of a Leg. Also a newly added feature is the ability to Save matches for later, so if you’re involved a marathon best of 13 Sets with your mate and can’t quite complete the match, you can always save and load at a later time, all stats, match scores etc will available for recall.

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Key Features

Upgrade your DMQ Scoreboard

Upgrading your DMQ Scoreboard couldn't be more easy, simply follow the steps below to unlock the fantastic features listed in the form below.

  1. Power on your Scoreboard.
  2. Press the number 1 button four times.
  3. Take note of the 9 Digit Serial Number.
  4. Enter the Serial Number in the form below and select which features you want to upgrade to.
  5. Click the "Buy Now" button, once the transaction is successful, we'll email you your 6 Digit "Upgrade Code".
  6. Power off/on your Scoreboard
  7. Press the number 0 button four times.
  8. Key in your 6 Digit "Upgrade Code" and Press Enter.
  9. That's it, it's now time to enjoy your new Upgraded Scoreboard

DMQ Scoreboard Upgrade Form


Some happy customers

This is a brilliant piece if kit, amazing product, will tell my friends about the dmq fusion and positive eBay feed back will be left! Thanks again

Adam Burrows - Tyrone

As an avid Darts Thrower of many years I’ve used various different electronic scorers in pubs / clubs, although they were useful for keeping score I was never enticed to actually purchase one as I never felt they justified the cost and I found them cumbersome to use, the DMQ Fusion has provided a simple to use and feature packed score-board which ticks all my boxes hence why I purchased one.

Kenneth McArdle - Louth

Love this scorer, the player versus computer option justifies the cost totally, it really does mimic a real player, my practice sessions are more effective now and I can see my Average improving. Been able to set the Computers average is ingenious.

James Holt  - Lancashire

A little about us

DMQ Darts, formed in 2014, we are a new company who will specialize in Electronic Scoreboards for Darts, our first Scoreboard “The DMQ Fusion” was developed because we wanted to supply Darts Enthusiasts like ourselves with a Scoreboard which looks good and is simple to use. Coming from an industry where we are Experts in Software Engineering and User Interface Design, we wanted to develop a Scoreboard which would provide its user with all the necessary info “Stats, Suggested Checkouts etc” as they were playing and be simple to use for anyone young or old.

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